Reform your electrical installation

Our home is our refuge, where we are going to spend a large part of our time, so it is as important to create a space where we feel comfortable as it is for that space to be safe.

Trends change as we evolve, and in this process, we try to adapt our home to our new needs. Our home evolves with us, new dryer is an example of how new tech could improve our lifestyle. But we often forget
that the electrical installation requires to evolve too, it’s important to update it and renovate it to keep our home safe

Reforma tu instalacion electrica

Obsolete electrical installations

Instalaciones elèctricas obsoletas

An electrical installation renovation, in addition to allowing you to add new appliances and functionalities to your home in an appropriate way, will also make it much safer. Over time, the wiring wears out, the electrical panel becomes too small and this can pose a risk of fire or electrocution, hence the importance of its renewal. And if what you are looking for is the modernization of your home or energy savings, the renovation could also include new functionalities thanks to low-cost home automation or a solar panels installation.

At Alcasur S.L. is a professional company that works with top quality materials. Our technicians will be willing to help you with whatever you need to plan the renovation and make your home a more comfortable and safer place for you and your loved ones. Call us or send us an email or WhatsApp and start designing your new home. +34 952 49 05 28  +34 678 41 26 17

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